January 12
‘And through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed’. Genesis 26:4b
Bible reading: Psalm 67 (Go to the Bible passage)
The psalmist prays for God’s blessing for all people who expect everything from God. He does not ask for this blessing because it is so nice to experience God’s blessing for ourselves. No, he asks for the faithful to be blessed, to prepare them to bless others. This is exactly the great secret of God’s blessing: we only experience it if we desire to be a blessing to others.
People who are fond of cosy meetings deceive themselves if they think that the emotions they acquire there have anything to do with God’s blessing.
By the working of the Holy Spirit, a desire is born in our hearts that other people will get to know the ways of God through our lives, so that all peoples will see His salvation. Then God will not hesitate to entrust us with the fullness of his Spirit, by which He enables us to be His reliable witnesses in this world. Therefore, let us pray for deliverance from the self-centered desire to receive a blessing from heaven.
We must continually remind ourselves and others - singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, thanking God in our hearts - that for us Christians, it must be our ultimate goal and greatest delight, that all nations will be glad and sing for joy, and praise the Lord, their God. This joyful event will only take place when people around us see in our lives that God blesses us in the work of our hands: ‘The land will yield its harvest’ (:6).
That blessing will be there if we wish everyone around us to share in our being blessed by God.
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