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Month 12 dag 05

December 5
'Anyone who chooses to do the will of God will find out whether my teaching comes from God or whether I speak on my own.’ John 7:17
Bible reading: John 8:12-20 (Go to the Bible passage)
‘Whoever follows Me, will never walk in darkness,’ Jesus said. The Pharisees proved that they did not have the light of life, because they sought to argue with Jesus. Is this not often an image of our life?
When we meet someone, who really follows the Lord and who has fully submitted to Him body and soul, then we feel that our life in faith is lacking something. But because we do not want to come into the light, we suppress that discomfort, and keep arguing until we have convinced ourselves that we are okay.
What self-deception! And in order to justify ourselves to such a person, we start a discussion about the Bible. Arguing about the Bible just does not make sense. We must obey God in doing His will, and then we will find out whether His promises, written down in the Bible, are true.
When we submit ourselves to Him, we lose our appetite for discussion. Only in the light of God we can see the truth. ‘For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light we see light’ (Psalm 36:10).
When in this way we pray for the light of God, the Spirit of truth, then we discover that we are not okay at all. Then we learn to see ourselves like He sees us: disfigured by countless sins. We need not be scared of this, for the Son of God died for our sins before the creation of the current world and so there is full redemption with God! Let us therefore - if we really want to follow Jesus - pray for His light, so that we can honor Him and glorify Him through our daily life, so that others may meet Jesus when they meet us.

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