August 1
‘Six days you shall labour, but on the seventh day you shall rest; even during the plowing season and harvest you must rest.’ Exodus 34:21
Bible reading: Matthew 11:25-30 (Go to the Bible passage)
It is amazing that Jesus - after His fierce charge against the people in the previous passage - could turn to thanksgiving like this. I believe this two passages belong together. The reason for Jesus’ thanksgiving was not that His message was hidden from the wise and learned, but that God reveals the gospel to little children.
There are still people, who think one must first ‘come to one’s senses’ to be able to believe. People who think this way, confuse genuine faith with religiosity. Learned people choose the religion that suits them, but God grants faith in the gospel to intelligent people and less intelligent people, because to Him the soul is more precious than a high IQ.
Little children cannot suddenly be wise and learned when they meet Jesus, but the wise and learned can become like little children when they hear the gospel. This is the great secret, the gateway to a really trusting faith: becoming like a child. The wise and learned feel that they should be obeyed, but genuine little children are willing to obey.
When little children are tired of playing, they love to cuddle onto Mom’s or Dad’s lap and fall asleep blissfully. When adults are tired, they retire to their bedroom, alone… When we become like little children, we will gladly seek rest with Him, sheltered and safe in Him.
God, Who knows what handiwork we are, decided in His wisdom that every week we should rest one day. But we should not do so retired in the confinement of our ‘bedroom’, but like a little child, safe in His arms. There we will find time and again the so needed relaxation and preparation for the next week.
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