December 19
'Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.’ Matthew 4:17b
Bible reading: Luke 19:28-44 (Go to the Bible passage)
In this time of Advent - when we look forward to the joyful celebration of Christmas - we like to sing, ‘O come divine Messiah’ and later, ‘Glory to God, peace be on earth…’ Likewise the people were singing when Jesus entered Jerusalem. Jesus had a whole crowd of disciples we read, but they had only come because of the miracles they had seen. Later on many of these people who now were singing so enthusiastically would shout, ‘Crucify!’
It is horrible, but true. They only wanted to follow Jesus as long as He met their expectations about Who the Messiah was supposed to be. But they did not want to follow Him anymore when they saw His suffering. This is a warning for us! The coming of Jesus in Bethlehem and also His second coming are joyful events, as long as we do not separate them from Golgotha. If we do this, then – when we meet suffering in our own life – we too will shout, ‘Crucify!’ Therefore Jesus wept over Jerusalem, and He weeps over us if we do not know what will bring us peace, and do not recognize the time of God’s coming to us.
Jesus loves us and when we learn to love Him, we will turn away from our wrong expectations of Him. For as much as we love someone, so much we can weep over him. In this time of Advent, let us look forward to Christmas with a humble and purified heart. Then we will celebrate this year’s Christmas without all the distracting sentimental vibes and moods, and we will recognize how badly we needed Him to come, then and now.

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