Whit Monday
‘To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews.’ 1 Corinthians 9:20a
Bible reading: Acts 2:5-13 (Go to the Bible passage)
To thousands of Jews this day of Pentecost became unlike anything they had expected. After all, they had come to Jerusalem to celebrate the festival of weeks, the festival of harvest. But this festival of harvest turned out to be totally different.
When that impressive sound came - like the blowing of a violent wind - everybody flocked together, and - searching for the origin of this events - they were even more bewildered. For how closer they came, how clearer each one of them heard speaking in their own language, declaring the wonders of God!
We do not need much imagination to realize that - had the apostles all simultaneously spoken all the languages named in the ninth verse – nobody had been able to understand anything. But it is not written that the apostles 'spoke' all these languages, but that the Jews 'heard' the apostles speaking their own languages (:6,8,11).
How we need the Spirit of Pentecost to fill our lives again.
For how few are left who let themselves be filled with God’s Spirit, so that they become truly engaged with their neighbors and long to tell them of the great wonders of God: the wonders they experienced themselves in their lives, by Jesus Christ the resurrected Lord! And how necessary it is that these wonders are told in a language that the listeners will understand.
For when the Spirit of God dwells in our hearts, the love of Christ urges us to bless our neighbors with the blessing we received, to serve them and to bring them to Jesus. Therefore Pentecost, the harvest festival, is the feast of equipment, for anyone who knows to be a servant of Jesus, sent in this world to be like Him.

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