October 12
‘I will plant Israel in their own land, never again to be uprooted from the land I have given them,’ Amos 9:15
Bible reading: Jeremiah 32:31-41 (Go to the Bible passage)
Of course the city in this passage is Jerusalem. But it might be good for us when we read this, to question ourselves if God might speak this word about our own city too. For is it not often so that we - as citizens of our hometown – arouse His anger and wrath?
No, not just because of our pornographic magazines, our sex shops, erotic movies and so on. No, for God’s anger and wrath is not aroused, primarily, by those who do not know Him, but by those who attend church on Sunday, and on Monday - at the hairdresser's - they enjoy the disgusting tabloids and gossip magazines which are there on display.
If we would explore the bookshelves of the ones who call themselves Christians, we might be horrified. If we consider the conversations we have with our colleagues… That is what angers God a lot more! During church service, what matters to us? Meeting God? Or rather the organ, the choir, the captivating sermon? How often people say that after moving to another town they miss their seat in their old church... What did they find there?
If God would penetrate our souls with His true light, how much idolatry would be revealed in our hearts! We worship God, but we do not believe anymore that He will actually answer our prayers. We call upon Him, and after the ‘amen’ we turn our backs upon God and do not look forward to the answer to our prayers or to the blessing that the preacher bestowed on us.
Oh Lord, return us to Your heart… For during the main part of our lives we dwell in worlds that are not Yours. Please awake in our hearts the desire to belong only to You.

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