July 25
‘Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me.’ Matthew 24:9
Bible reading: John 15:18-25 (Go to the Bible passage)
The apostle James says it frankly, ‘Don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God?’ (James 4:4). Whoever is truly Christian, understands he does not belong to this world because Jesus has summoned him out of the world (:19). Therefore Christians will always be hated by the world around them, just like everything and everyone who do not fit in, will be hated by the others. Just think of the gypsies and especially the Jews. When we truly belong to Jesus we will be outcasts in this world, just like the Jews.
In our day and age - in which we may really await the Messiah – this will only intensify. Due to the ever clearer distinction between spirits, we will have to reckon with it that the born again children of God will feel more at home among the Jews than among the pseudo-Christians. Perhaps the end of this will be that those who truly belong to Jesus, will only be safe in Israel, just like those Jews who cannot adjust to the world around them. To many, this might be a disturbing thought. But it is about time for us to awake from our unhealthy rest and to come to understand what really matters in our lives.
Who wants to be a follower of Jesus in this world, will have to face the fact that a servant is not greater than his Master. If the world persecuted Jesus, they will also persecute us. If the people around us take the Bible seriously they will understand our words and thoughts too, says Jesus.
But when we experience no hate from the world and no persecution at all, then it is about time for us to wonder if we have really learned to serve Him.

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