June 9
‘Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israel—all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and whose mouths have not kissed him.’ 1 Kings 19:18
Bible reading: Deuteronomy 32:10-25 (Go to the Bible passage)
Our attitude is just like Moses foretold of the people of Israel: when we are doing well, we forget God.
Oh, we still think about Him, but we do not let ourselves be guided by Him anymore. We still have a prayer meeting and a thanksgiving for the harvest and - out of habit - we still thank for all our prosperity. But at the same time, we wonder if we received everything really from God, for - in fact - we have managed all this very efficiently ourselves.
We say we trust in God, but we devote all our time and energy to our own certainties. Although - nowadays - we tend to be a bit worried about our ‘wellness’, we completely rely on economists to take care that - in any case - our prosperity will not diminish. Yes - actually - we trust our own abilities more than we do God. We even proclaim - without batting an eyelid - that although everything is given to us by God, there is - apparently - no need anymore to thank Him for it.
When the threat of war draws a little nearer, we remark dryly that two thousand years of Christianity did not bring peace either, and hereby we try to blame God for this too! Yes, our hearts have grown fat and we have forgotten God Who wants to bless us. But because we have angered God - perhaps for centuries - He has hidden His face from us. Why does this not urge us to humble ourselves, instead of saying bravely: ‘God is dead’? And in that case, what will the outcome be?
But is God not merciful at all anymore? Yes, He sure is! For despite all our haughtiness and pride, God will maintain his offer: that He gave His one and only Son to bring peace to those who really expect everything only from Him.

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