October 1
‘If I (…) can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, (…) but do not have love, I am nothing.’ 1 Corinthians 13:2
Bible reading: Ephesians 3:14-21 (Go to the Bible passage)
What glorious riches Paul has revealed in the former passage! And then he continues in the passage of today, ‘For this reason I kneel before the Father.’ Do we ever genuinely kneel before God? No, not the physical kneeling in order to pray, but truly bowing down before the greatness of God.
Paul recognizes the greatness of God and therefore he reverently kneels before Him, and prays for the church in Ephesus that this great and almighty God may strengthen them with power.
The power God grants to the church is not the power of a Samson, but an inner strength through His Spirit in ‘their inner being’ (:16). That power of the Holy Spirit is necessary, for otherwise Christ cannot dwell in our hearts. If God does not dwell in us by the power of the Holy Spirit, then our faith continuous to be only an intense craving for God and we do not learn to walk with Him. Then our life in faith has no real basis other than some dangerous quicksand of emotions.
But when the Spirit of God fills our hearts and minds, then our life gets the sound basis of God’s unselfish love, which binds together all that is of God. And together with all the others we then will grasp how great the power and strength of the love of Christ is, which surpasses all knowledge. Then we are captured by the pure Spirit of worship, which takes us to the fullness of God.
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