February 16
‘Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind,’ Romans 1:28
Bible reading: 2 Chronicles 18:12-22 (2) (Go to the Bible passage)
Yesterday we took a look at Micaiah, but let us now consider Ahab. Ahab hated Micaiah because he never prophesied anything good about Ahab. Who - just like Ahab - does not want to hear about conversion, confession, and repentance, should ask himself earnestly if he has not the same spirit dwelling in him as the one that was dwelling in Ahab.
When Micaiah said, ‘Attack and be victorious, for they will be given into your hand,’ Ahab got furious, because he knew very well that this was not the word of the Lord!
We too know deep in our hearts very well what God would tell us if He could still speak to us. But because we have hardened our hearts, we rather let ourselves be guided by our depraved minds than yield to the disquieting message that something - that is the hidden communion with God - is missing in our lives. We prefer to participate in all sorts of religious activities instead of falling silent before the Lord so that His word might really penetrate our hearts.
And, strangely enough, if a true servant of the Lord would tell us that everything is alright between God and us, then we would get as angry as Ahab. That is: if we still would get angry. For who gets angry still believes there is a God. And if God exists and therefore eternal life is real, then it should be an unbearable thought for us to worship in eternity a God Who here on earth struck a bargain with us.
But, fortunately, God is not the God of Ahab, but the God of Israel - the Eternal, unchangeable One - Who in our time as well sends a message of conversion and repentance to people who long for truth!
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