October 28
‘Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.’ Matthew 12:30
Bible reading: Obadiah 1:11-16 (Go to the Bible passage)
Edom was the offspring of Esau. This brother of Jacob never took the will of God very seriously. He too knew Who God was, but he never truly bowed down before Him. And like him was his offspring, the people of Edom. They knew Who the Lord was (Judges 5:4) but they did not obey Him. Therefore, there was an everlasting hostility between Israel and Edom.
Nowadays it is the same. The church does not so much suffer from the world, as from the worldly minded churchgoers. That hostility will intensify ever more in the coming years. Who truly reckon with God in their lives will face more hatred of those who pay lip service but do not bow down before God, than they will face the hatred of the world. These false believers will stand aloof - just like the Edomites – when the true believers will be persecuted. In the whole world it turns out to be like this.
In the Western world this will happen too, sooner than we think. And standing aloof is, in fact, not neutral. God counts such people among the persecutors (:11). Just look at yourself. What is your attitude toward those people who – in your opinion – believe ‘too much’ in God? When they annoy you, your attitude is not much different from that of the Edomites towards Israel.
It is high time for everyone who knows to be bought and paid for with the Blood of the Lamb, to prove to be really united in Christ Jesus in His body, the church, before it is too late.
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