February 3
‘I will increase the fruit of the trees and the crops of the field,’ Ezekiel 36:30a
Bible reading: Haggai 1 (Go to the Bible passage)
When an insect plague threatens the crops we consider what will be the best insecticide to use. We order large quantities of it and the plague seems overcome. We need not call to God for mercy, for - after all - we can find our own solution! Perhaps our eyes will be opened when we discover the magnitude of the disaster - worse than a plague of insects - when our pesticides have penetrated the soil so deeply that the groundwater turns out to be totally poisoned and unfit to drink. Will we admit only then that we have turned our backs upon God?
Everyone who is content and happy, needs much less in life than those who have to live without inner peace and harmony. The one who lost his way will never be satisfied. Always the uneasiness will drive him to buy and add to his property without ever finding fulfillment. Modern advertisement plays upon this discomfort in order to increase the sales. Thus the people of our consumer society spend everything the earth can produce without ever being satisfied.
Time and again the people who disregard the peace God wants to give them, think they can reckon on happiness, but as soon as they get it, God blows on them and they wither, as long as God still has compassion with them.
So it is actually God’s mercy when nothing can satisfy us and we do not find happiness. Let us then cease to act according to our own insights. Let us yield to the desire to live and work in complete dependence on God again. Then we will see that God again will bless the work of our hands.
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