September 20
‘When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.’ Matthew 13:46
Bible reading: Philippians 3:2-16 (Go to the Bible passage)
Some people think that the Christian church for the main part consists of people, who - because they did not manage to achieve anything in this world – seek refuge in religion. Paul shows us a very different picture. He had accomplished a lot! But when he came to know the Lord, he found that everything he thought he could boast about, stood in the way of being totally dedicated to God. Indeed, Jesus said so earlier. Serving God means: being so totally captivated by God that everything else fades into the background.
It is strange, but when a young man denies himself everything - not even has time anymore for a night out - because he is busy achieving something great in this world, in society or sport, then the people around smile and nod emphatically. But when someone has come to know the Creator of heaven and earth, and is so inspired by Him that he gives up everything for Him, then this is easily called ‘exaggerated’ or ‘unhealthy’.
‘Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead,’ Jesus said to someone who wanted to follow Him but asked permission to attend his father’s funeral first. So, if we do not consider garbage everything this life has to offer us compared to serving God, then we should seriously question ourselves if we really serve the living Lord, or merely practice a religion.
For should it not be abundantly clear that the revelation of God in our lives is worth endlessly more than gaining fame and honor in this world?

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