December 29
‘I, even I, am he, who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more.’ Isaiah 43:25
Bible reading: Isaiah 43:1-8 (Go to the Bible passage)
Whoever thinks that God has forsaken the Jews, should read attentively the last part of the previous chapter. All the disasters by which the Jews have been plagued throughout the ages until this very day are disciplines of God: ‘So He poured out on them His burning anger’ (Isaiah 42:25). Through the ages there have always been Jews who submitted to this discipline and suffered without rebelling, therefore scorned by others who called them cowards.
The combative Israeli state of today does not humble itself. And although we may see the hand of God in the restoration of the state of Israel, the true salvation does not come from the soldier, but from submission, from acknowledging that God Himself returns the people of Israel to their land. God Himself will restore the fortunes of His people. He is their Lord and Maker. Although they did not take His disciplines to heart – thereby making the way they have chosen so terribly hard – He will redeem them. Not because they have called upon Him so faithfully, but because He has summoned them by name.
Great miracles are going to happen, even greater than the miracles that have already taken place, in the battles with the Arab armies. Despite all the dangers in the land of Israel, God will call them back to His land, everyone who is called by His name: Israel.
And so we see them coming, like people who are blind and deaf, people who say they do not believe, but who cannot resist the overwhelming work of God’s Spirit Who is doing a new thing among them (Isaiah 43:19). Then the world will witness how Israel, God’s people, will proclaim the praise and honor of God abundantly, more than the church ever did (43:21).
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