May 28
‘But the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.’ Matthew 10:22b
Bible reading: James 1:12-15 (Go to the Bible passage)
‘Blessed is the man who remains patient under trial,’ could also be the translation of verse 12 in today’s passage. I think there is much to be said for that, for how often do we prove not to bear trials in our lives because we do not recognize their ultimate purpose. Not the circumstances are the most important, but our attitude in them.
When tempted, we can become enormously self-centered, but our attitude can also be one of longing that God will be glorified through us. And God will be glorified in every temptation by which we are being tempted, if we acknowledge that every temptation springs from our own evil desires through which we are ‘dragged away and enticed’. Our own desires are more or less the same as our self-interest.
Suffering in temptations only serves to release us from ourselves, to come to a complete surrender to God of Whom it is written that He Himself never tempts anyone. It is therefore not God Who is tempting us, but temptations will arise in our lives again and again until we have truly given our whole lives upon the altar of God, instead of merely saying we will do so.
When we become fully aware of this truth by the working of the Holy Spirit, we desire to become patient in trials, for - when we have stood the test - we will be redeemed of ourselves and of all our self-love and be completely dedicated to Him in perfect obedience of faith. When in doing so we are found faithful, God can entrust us with the care of our neighbors, so that - when they go through trials - we may teach them to stand firm to the end.

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