May 30
‘Sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.’ Luke 18:22b
Bible reading: Mark 12:41-44 (Go to the Bible passage)
To save us from the power of darkness, God has given us all that is necessary. We will need eternity to understand the magnitude of this.
When the light of God starts penetrating our souls, it makes us realize that it is senseless to think that we in ourselves can do anything in return. But the very least we can do, is that we give our whole lives to be available for the coming Kingdom of God here on earth! Then we start to realize that we cannot be more contemptuous of God’s grace than to give such a small proportion of our abundance that we do not need to change our lifestyle in the slightest way.
What has it meant for us, up to now, to be offered the total redemption the Bible speaks of? Be truly honest. No pious meditations, please, just consider what the Kingdom of God has been worth to you during the last week. How much have you spent for your own fun and pleasure, and how much have you given for the kingdom of God? It is not impressive to give thousands while tens of thousands are left for yourself.
But the few coins of the poor widow impressed Jesus deeply, because they were all she had to live on. Being a Christian is more than adhering to a conviction; it is genuinely following Jesus.
Who understands the message of the gospel, will come to see that it is impossible for us, people, to genuinely follow Jesus, if we do not truly disengage ourselves from everything on this earth we have grown so familiar with.

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