September 12
‘If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.’ Galatians 1:10b
Bible reading: Luke 14:12-14 (Go to the Bible passage)
Jesus certainly does not mean here that we may never have a festive meal with friends. After all, we read in the Bible that He once said at the table that He had eagerly desired to eat this meal with His disciples (Luke 22:15). But Jesus wants to point out to us that having a meal with friends and rich neighbors is not virtuous. There is even a risk to it, namely, that we do it to benefit ourselves, for people may feel obliged to repay us.
Some people like to preach the gospel among students. They sometimes say they do this because these young people will be top managers in the future and will influence the world. This is - of course - good thinking. But it is surprising that Jesus Himself did not follow this method. On the contrary: He preferred to address the weak, the beggars and the disabled.
Our hearts are deceitful (Jeremiah 17:9). Let us ask ourselves earnestly why we rather mix in ‘high society’ than live among the outcasts of this world. For really, if we are still so unspiritual, so worldly-minded, that we prefer to have close relationships with the rich of this world, then we have another attitude than Jesus Christ. Thankfully, Jesus did not seek a reward in this world, no, He sought the reward that the Father in heaven gives to those who are so filled with His Spirit that they are willing to go wherever He sends them and to love whoever He loves.
If we allow ourselves to be led like this by the Spirit of God, we will often have to go surprising ways, but we will also bear much fruit for the kingdom of God.
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