March 20
‘Better the little that the righteous have than the wealth of many wicked;’ Psalm 37:16
Bible reading: Ecclesiastes 7:15-22 (Go to the Bible passage)
It all depends on how one looks at the world around. Solomon too was fully aware of this. In this passage, he tells what he has seen in his meaningless life. In many translations we find the words ‘days of vanity’, but ‘fruitless, meaningless or useless days’ are clearer translations.
Solomon too has known meaningless days in his life. Those are, namely, the days when one is self-centered and does not ask for God’s will. Yet these meaningless days may bear fruit, if only we become aware of how useless such a self-centered life is, and we turn to God again.
When we are focused on ourselves, we will always attempt to maintain ourselves and therefore often have a critical spirit. And whoever has a critical spirit, is more aware of what is happening around him than someone who is devoted to God, for who trusts in God does not depend on his own judgment anymore; he gladly allows himself to be guided by God.
Solomon has observed rightly.
There are people who like to pass for righteous and it does not benefit them, and there are wicked people who prosper. Therefore, Solomon’s wise words: warning us that there is no one on earth, who is so righteous that he does what is right and never sins, and that there is no one on earth so wicked that God is not willing to grant him mercy.
So let none of us boast about his righteousness and let none of us condemn somebody else for his wickedness either, but let all of us submit to God Who is able to deliver us from all outward extremes.
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