May 7
‘But if I drive out demons by the finger of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.’ Luke 11:20
Bible reading: Exodus 8:16-19 (Go to the Bible passage)
When we ask people if miracles still happen nowadays, there are those who confirm immediately. When we ask them what these miracles are, they usually say, ‘Every birth is a miracle!’ or ‘Every spring shows God’s miraculous power.’ And who is to deny this? Great are the wondrous works of God in nature to anyone willing to acknowledge them.
But Jesus did not prove His messiahship by pointing to the beauty of spring or the miracle of new life, but by healing the sick and raising the dead!
Throughout the ages, God has shown His majesty to His children through wonderful, irrefutable signs. I am grateful that I have seen many miracles happen during the time I have served the Lord.
Once - when God had healed a woman who was suffering from a brain tumor - she went to see her physician, himself a Christian. Upon being told that God had healed her, the doctor had an X-ray taken, and holding it up to the light, he saw that the tumor had vanished indeed.
However, he did not thank God with her, but only asked, ‘Have you been to a healing-service?’ She told him she had visited a church elder who had called upon God when she was lying twitching on the floor. And God had answered his prayer! ‘Mm,’ the physician murmured, ‘come and see me again next year.’
When Pharaoh’s magicians could not do what Moses did, they at least exclaimed, ‘This is the finger of God!’ (:19).
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