June 11
‘Those who are wise will instruct many, though for a time they will fall…’ Daniel 11:33a
Bible reading: Micah 7:7-13 (Go to the Bible passage)
Who longs to be full of the Holy Spirit wants to be filled with the Spirit of Christ, the mindset of Christ. We can read a lot about this mindset in the Bible for we recognize the Spirit of God in many men of God who are described in the Bible. Likewise the prophet Micah.
In the passage preceding the seventh verse, the prophet complained about the great darkness among the people of Israel. When we take the time to read this attentively we will recognize our own time clearly in these words. Yes, of course, some people will disagree and say it is not that bad. Micah would broadly be labeled a pessimist if he would speak like that in our days. But Micah did not have in mind human concerns, but the concerns of God. He did not speak on his own accord, he spoke words of God, one of the last moving warnings God gave His people before their exile became irrevocable.
Yet Micah spoke of redemption. But who will see God’s redemption? People like Micah, who constantly keep their eyes focused on God.
Who turns his eyes towards God can no longer join in the clamorous deceit of this world that fools itself with false optimism. Are those who trust God then pessimists? No, they are realists who admit not being able to cope with the violence of the world surrounding them. But - acknowledging the wickedness of this world - they still rejoice in their God Who - amidst the darkness - brings them out into the light, giving them hope and the certainty that He will uphold their cause at the proper time. They will see His righteousness!

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