‘I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.’ Matthew 11:25
Bible reading: Luke 2:8-20 (Go to the Bible passage)
Magi from the east saw Jesus’ star and concluded that the King of kings had been born. They traveled to Jerusalem and were guided by the star to Bethlehem. This is something we can understand. Magi and kings fit in when something this great happens. But this King of kings was born in a stable, in a tiny, insignificant village, which can hardly be found on the maps of this world.
No choir of angels appeared to the teachers of law in Jerusalem, although the teachers could tell exactly from the scriptures where - in Bethlehem - the Messiah was to be born. No angel of the Lord appeared before the high priest, the priests and the Levites in the temple, to proclaim great joy for all the people.
For if angels had appeared to them, they would have argued if this was reality or an illusion. For the Sadducees did not believe in angels, but the Pharisees did. They would have studied this phenomenon, musing on the difficulties of perception, just like these days again many people will reflect on Christmas, without realizing how hollow their contemplations are. Again there will be a lot of musing and a lot of suffering in the suffocating loneliness of our eroded Christmas.
No, also this year there is little chance that angels will appear. Unless there are still simple people who are like children, like the shepherds of Bethlehem. People who will not discuss and muse about the message of Christmas, but who will go along with it. Who will be delighted about this sign, this Child, and kneel down silently, with true reverence, to worship Him.
How wonderful that this year too, childlike people will celebrate Christmas with a grateful heart.

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