July 5
‘My Father will honour the one who serves me.’ John 12:26b
Bible reading: John 5:41-47 (Go to the Bible passage)
Jesus said, ‘I do not accept glory from human beings.’ By this He meant that He did not accept that people looked up to Him expectantly. After all, He came in the name of His Father! It is strange but true that we are more inclined to follow someone who has not this humble attitude, someone who - like Jesus said - comes in his own name. Throughout church history we see that there have always been people who claimed to be honorable. The word of God warns us for such people, who seek their own glory and claim to be wise (Romans 1:22).
Anyone who is not born again seeks - in an attempt to satisfy his religious feelings - leaders he can idolize. But to those who long for wholesome spiritual guidance, God sends His servants. These are often people from whom others hide their faces, people who are despised and in low esteem (Isaiah 53:3). Those who do not have the love of God in them will not recognize these servants God has sent, but rather blindly follow those who seek their own glory, as Jesus foretold. But whoever lives in the kingdom of God, simply wants to serve: nothing more.
Jesus said, ‘How can you believe, since you accept glory from one another?’
Are you still flattered when people look up to you expectantly because you are a gifted speaker? Or because of your biblical knowledge? Or do you seek, just like Jesus, merely the glory that comes from the only God? Then your life will bear fruit for God.
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