July 18
‘So turn from your evil ways, each one of you, and reform your ways and your actions.’ Jeremiah 18:11b
Bible reading: Isaiah 57:14-21 (Go to the Bible passage)
When we perceive nothing of God’s love and the heavens seem closed, then we are more inclined to doubt God’s existence, than to search ourselves if we have possibly saddened God and caused Him to withdrew His hand from us. When God hides Himself, we grumble and complain that we experience so little of Him, instead of bowing our heads and confessing our sins.
We are just like Israel. When we do not get an answer to our prayers, we seek our own solution for our problems. We turn away and go our willful ways.
Sometimes, people say, ‘No one receives a note from heaven and therefore one should do whatever one's hand finds to do’. The latter is a word from the Bible, but used completely out of context. Saul was told to do what his hand would find to do, from the moment the Spirit of the Lord would come powerfully upon him and he would be changed into a different person (1 Samuel 10:6,7). But we think we can do what our hand finds to do, at the very moment when we have lost the communion with God. These then are the willful ways, adorned with a little bit of religiosity to deceive ourselves.
But the worst thing is, that this ridicules God. Yet, God has seen our willful ways and He knows where they will get us. Fortunately, He protects us from a total disaster. He has mercy on us and wants to heal us. He has sent His Son to earth to teach us the divine way. ‘I am the way!’ says Jesus.
All those, who mourn on their own willful ways, will long to go this way, and there they will find comfort and healing.
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