April 1
‘After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit.’ Acts 4:31a
Bible reading: 2 Chronicles 6:40-7:2 (Go to the Bible passage)
We have only read the very last part of Solomon’s prayer; praying the whole prayer with all our heart, we realize Solomon’s profound dependence on His God. Solomon was deeply convinced that man is a sinner and can only live by God’s forgiveness (:36). But he also knew that God cannot leave the guilty unpunished. God’s forgiveness can only become reality through atonement. Therefore, at the dedication of the temple, sacrifice had a central place.
As people without insight, we might be overwhelmed by the splendour of the new temple that was to be consecrated, but Solomon knew better: he knew the whole temple-service was worthless, unless God made atonement. The animal sacrifice was a prophesy, a foreshadowing of the great sacrifice of Jesus Christ, Who would - many centuries later - sacrifice Himself on the cross of Golgotha.
Solomon already knew of this foreshadowing of the coming of the Messiah. Therefore the service of the sacrifice was so central at the consecration of the temple. Solomon prayed his passionate prayer, in the faith and the expectancy that God would make atonement. For - even while the sacrifice was prepared according to the law - it was not enough for Solomon to assume that God would accept the sacrifice. He longed for the conformation of God.
We need more than the assumption that God will reconcile us through Christ. And who trusts God like Solomon did, will not be left in uncertainty! God wants to reconcile with us, and if we in answer to this let ourselves be reconciled (2 Corinthians 5:20) God always answers with fire from heaven (Acts 2:3).

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