March 14
‘We no longer believe just because of what you said; now we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this man really is the Saviour of the world.’ John 4:42
Bible reading: Job 42:1-6 (Go to the Bible passage)
The book of Job ends with this wonderful answer of Job.
But who can understand the immeasurable depth of this answer, without reading the entire book of Job? What agonizing depths this man endured! He lost everything, and who can describe the piercing pain that the words of his sanctimonious friends caused him? But in all these trials, bitterness had to yield for faith in the living God. Therefore Job’s answer is the answer of a faith, that has matured through the endurance of severe testing.
Job had learned to see that God is the Almighty in everything, and in the most desperate depths of his life, he had learned that no plan of God can be thwarted. How terrible to land in such agony. But how enriched the person is, who has learned this valuable lesson in the depths of despair!
Then we fall silent and we are ashamed of our conceited, headstrong opinions: words without meaning, pathetic parroting, without depth and therefore without life-giving power.
Nobody who wants to be instrumental in the kingdom of God should speak words that have not become meaningful through the depths of his own life. For is it not true for everyone that - especially in the most desperate moments of life - we either genuinely start trusting God, or turn our backs upon Him?
Those who have not got the courage to face life with all its storms, will either take refuge in illness or end up in vain allegations and fake pious prattle. But he who receives the courage to live, will meet God in the storms of life, the God of Whom he had previously only heard. And he will meet Him as his God, his Lord and his own heavenly Father.

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