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At the B’ulah-hoeve, we welcome people who like – or need – a while to revive their lives. We provide a quiet environment, comparable with a family life and we invite our guests to join in regular household activities, on a voluntary basis. About six times a year we provide silent retreats. The core team of the B’ulah-hoeve consists of about 20 people, dedicated to welcoming guests and caring for the housekeeping.

Activities at the B’ulah-hoeve

Each day we provide regular moments of prayer and reflection on the Bible. Each Sunday, we have a meeting, and then we sing to worship God and we share our recent experiences on the acting of God in our lives. Together we pray and sometimes ask for intercession. Monthly on Wednesday evening, we have a Bible study, and then we focus on one particular detail or theme of the Bible. Occasionally, other activities and meetings are organized.

Bread for our Hearts

In our early days, daily reflections were written on specific Bible passages, which turn out to be relevant time and again. They were published originally in Dutch (Bijbels Dagboek) and, from 2018 on, also in English (Bread for our Heart, this site).

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