Why this site

The texts on this website were originally written in Dutch, by Herman Kloppenburg, a Dutch evangelist.

In the seventies, Herman lived in The Hague with his family, where he spoke with others about the gospel. They used to read the Bible every day and talk about it, and often they felt God spoke to them through these meetings. To preserve these precious words, Herman started to write them down. He wrote a short text for each day of the year, and called it ‘Brood voor het hart’ (bread for the heart). The texts were made into booklets, one for each month, and sent by postal mail to friends. Many people gave the booklets to others, and eventually the circulation increased.

In the nineties, when already thousands of people were reading the monthly booklets, the idea was born to translate these texts and make them available to English readers around the world. Two people started to translate, but the task proved to be difficult and the work came to a standstill. However, when the Dutch version came online and attracted many readers, the English translation again came to mind.

In memory of Herman, who died in 2009, we finished the job, and we are very happy to offer these precious words to the world.

We wish you God’s blessing in reading Bread for our Hearts.

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