Why this site

The content on this website originally hails from the Dutch pen of Herman Kloppenburg, a devoted Dutch evangelist.

In the 1970s, Herman resided in The Hague with his family, engaging in meaningful conversations about the gospel with others. They made it a habit to read the Bible daily and discuss its teachings, often receiving from God more understanding about its meanings. Recognizing the value of these insights, Herman began documenting them. He crafted a concise message for each day of the year and named this collection ‘Brood voor het hart’ (Bread for the Heart). These texts were compiled into booklets, one for every month, and sent to friends via postal mail. The booklets were widely shared, leading to their increased circulation.

By the 1990s, as thousands of people were benefiting from the monthly booklets, the idea emerged to translate these texts and share them with English-speaking readers worldwide. Initial translation efforts were undertaken by two individuals, but the task proved to be challenging, and progress stalled. However, when the Dutch version went online and drew a large readership, the idea of an English translation was rekindled.

In memory of Herman, who passed away in 2009, we completed the translation task, and we are happy to present these invaluable words to the global community.

May you find God’s blessings as you delve into Bread for Our Hearts.

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