November 26
'You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last.’ John 15:16a
Bible reading: Genesis 28:10-22 (Go to the Bible passage)
Jacob was on the run to escape the righteous revenge of his brother Esau. This must have been the all-time low of his life. Do we not all need to be in an almost desperate situation before we learn that God Himself makes good on His promises?
When we try to fulfill God’s promises by our own strength and cleverness, then we just work our way into the abyss. That is, if we really belong to God.
When Jacob and Esau were born, God had said that Jacob was the chosen one and that Esau would serve his younger brother (Genesis 25:23). But when Jacob grew up, he tried to fulfill God’s promise – by which he was truly impressed – by manipulating Esau in selling his birth right (25:31). Later Jacob deceived his father and brother again in his godless zeal to fulfill God’s promises on his own.
How many Christians nowadays are clinging to the promises of God and are trying with all their might to make good on the words of God! May God grant in His mercy that they - that we all, like Jacob, like Moses (Exodus 2:15) – soon arrive at the low point of this willful life, and start longing for a real encounter with Him.
Jacob was on the run, he could see no opportunity anymore to make good on any of God’s promises himself. Exhausted he fell asleep, desperate and afraid. And that is the point where God can meet man: where man is tired of his own stubborn efforts, where it turns out he is standing with his back against the wall. For only after the failure of all our own possibilities, we become willing to finally listen to everything God wants to tell us, and only then we can understand God’s voice.
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